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Flight No. 0201 - Restart

Announcing the Arrival of "Flight Manual for Dummies". Whew... moving aint that easy. Been on hiatus since my leave last December. Lots of stories to tell. The year's been quite a roller coaster ride to think that's it's only February. Will update you as soon as I can and that's one promise I am keeping coz might just explode one day if I don't try to get it out of my chest. Blogging helped me alot, especially in releasing whatever it is that I'm feeling. It's very therapeutic as this relaxes my nerves. Pardon my rushing. On to the topic:

Restarting is actually refreshing. As we again embark on another phase of life, there's always a bright new ray of sunshine that fills our hearts with hope to face the challenges that awaits us. We may have been disheartened from what happened yesterday... from failures, mistakes and misfortunes but then again, we should not put ourselves in that situation where regret and hatred kills the very essence of living. Yes we hold on to the memories but let not this keep us from taking that step forward.

One Thursday ( in Doha we hear mass on Thursdays!), the priest was doing his homily regarding life and death. He said something that awaken me and it's now forever instilled in my head. "No one is indispensible... If you die, the world will never stop, it will continue living... When you laugh, the world laughs with you but whenever you cry, you cry alone." True enough. That's why from then on I try to see eveything positively and don't expect anything from anyone. Also, I am forever thankful to the Lord for He has been with me whenever I need Him. He has given me strength and all to stand up again, pick up the pieces, learn from the past and Restart. It's but natural for us to fear something that is uncertain. Let not fear be in our hearts but hope and faith. Just follow your rainbow at the end of which is your pot of gold.

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