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Chapter 1.2 Love Platonic

Diane is my "best-est" friend here in Doha - more of a sister to me actually. We met one fine afternoon way back in Bin Mahmoud (where we first stayed since the boy's accommodation at that time was not available) when she was to meet Hennessey and mistakenly went to my flat instead. She heard me singing "Waterfalls" (TLC) and was further amused when I opened the door. Why?

  1. She realized I'm way better looking than Hennessey.
  2. I was in my usual "pambahay clothing" (pek pek shorts and shot gun tee)
  3. I was presently ironing my uniform for my training while trying to belt out another song with matching choreography.

Since then we've been tight buddies. Even our moms did became good friends. We often sleep and cook together. There was even a time when the Housing Department came to have a surprise inspection of the flat. She hid by the cabinet but still her bra and pants was on my vanity table. I wonder what they thought. Hahahaha.. yuck! When I moved out of my company sponsored flat last year, she willingly volunteered on sharing the rent with me. We're roomies now with a double deck bed... very dormitory. She's my ever partner in crime in terms of gossips and mischief. One thing about us is that we do know how to keep each other's secrets... we'll take it to our graves. Also, never a day goes by that we're not laughing except probably when we're asleep the entire day.

Just recently she told me that by May she'll be resigning. I felt really bad at the same time happy for my dear dear friend. She's suffered enough during her 2 years stay in this " dead place"... being away from her family and her beloved JP. She'll brave uncertainty with no regrets but relief.

Anyway, these past few days, she's been her crazy, delusional self again. Diane told me about her dream wedding to be held in 3 years time (take note!). Imagine her asking quote prices from Kay for flowers, churches, gowns, tuxes and reception. Also, as a gift, she even dared to ask us to bake a cake as tall as her! Krung! Krung! This is what Doha has done to the poor girl. Hahahaha... psychotic as she is sometimes especially when she calls me Chocolate and shakes her booty by the tune of "Tsokolate" I still love her (She looks like Pokwang don't you think?). Here's how she murdered our pictures summarized in a video by mwah.

I'll definitely miss this girl. *Sobs*. Well anyway, I regret to inform you that I might be gone for a week. There's an upcoming storm... 6 days of flying non-stop starting tomorrow. Will update as soon as I can. Wish me luck!

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