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Crew Rest No.1

  • Rainy days are here again
Unbelievable yet it's happening. Last night, I was soooooooooooooooo tired from work. I slept right after dinner without even doing my "rituals". About 1 am, I was awaken by the sound of continuous thunder. My gosh, It was raining cats and dogs... and I can't believe it. Now that's the reason why it was too turbulent in and out of Doha. It DOES rain here actually like once or twice a year especially during season shifts. And what's funny is that people are not that prepared. I don't even see stores selling umbrellas or raincoats here. Was not surprise at all this morning when all the roads are again flooded, it was muddy everywhere and everybody was drenched. Good thing my trusty Hamid (my fave car lift driver) is available whenever I need him. Hahahaha...
  • Whatever happened to Sailormoon?

And so I was not able to sleep til about 5 am. I was panicking already since I have to wake up by 8 for my flight today. Anyhow, I decided to go online. Went to YouTube and saw this video. I almost puked. Oh well, it's true when it rains it pours.

There was no justice done. They all look like freaks with their colored wigs on. I was a Sailormoon fan way way back (don't crucify me please, just one of my guilty pleasures every Saturday night) and it pains me to see what they've done to her. Are the japanese losing their touch in making animes and sentais? I hope not.

Still 2 days to go!!! I'm soooo looking forward til my next day off. Anyway, please do check my profile and hope you like what I did.

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