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Chapter 1.3 Love and Prejudice

"I am heartily sorry for whatever's said here. To those people who might be offended or what, it is not my intention. Also, the person referred here is but an individual, don't misunderstand my ranting. As a minute part of this overly populated world, I hope with this, I am able to impart awareness. This prayer I offer and again I'm sorry."

"Lord, Give us the Serenity to accept the things we cannot change; Courage to change the things that we can; and Wisdom to know the difference.."

On one of my after flight bus discussions with the crew (from Cairo), I did get offended by the remark given by our dear dear bird brain Captain. He commented on Chinese and Filipinos being opportunistic hookers ( I dunno if he's is actually aware that they're 4 Filipinos who flew with him that day). That whenever he sees them with expats, they're just interested with their money and passports. Excuse mois? Not all of us. Maybe you've been a victim that's why your sooooo fucking bitter. Well I can't blame our race for being so damn beautiful, fucking made to be whores with tight vaginas, asses and all (to quote Bryanboy). But who gave you that right to judge us? Didn't it ever occur to you that your fucking race is hated by the world too because of terrorism? That wherever you go, people think of you as Bin Laden or Sadam's disciples ever ready to bring havoc. Maybe you deserve to be harassed, persecuted, and chopped into pieces but NO. Intelligent and cultured that we are, we do know that these stereotypes shouldn't be recognized at all.

We do briefings before flights as to refresh our memories with safety and service procedures. And from the day I started working for this company, we are constantly reminded of racial differences. Whatever happened to sensitivity and cultural awareness? Discrimination is a crime when you're working in a multi-national company yet such injustice still do exists no thanks to people like him who should be weeded out and be fed to camels. Bad joke Captain... Bad joke.

This is not what the world needs now. We MUST unite and be one. NO race, NO color, NO gender or whatever. It pains me to actually witness such. Coming from a captain who should be leading us; who was educated yet still has no value. Embarass yourself more. What you reap, you sow.

One precious thing i learned since I came here to Doha and be given a chance to see the world was to realize how diverse the human race is. With such experience, I gained a deeper understanding of our differences. Thankfully I was able to acknowledge that such should be embraced.

Post Script: *Breathes deeply* hmmmmmm HAH!!!
  • Updates: My new playlist on my IFE are some of the Dance songs I've grown to love. Nostalgic dance genre from my gimikera days. I've saved the love chuva songs still. My new roster is out for those of you interested where am gonna be. I might be in Manila soon, still working it out. Love you all! mwah! mwah! *Waves like a royalty*

Three things to rave about:
  1. I'm done flying for this month
  2. Next roster is far better than this month's
  3. Salary is coming up very soon yey! (hopefully by today)

Three things to rant about:
  1. My off day request was not granted
  2. Will not be able to attend cousin's wedding because of that
  3. A pairing flight on my birthday. (sheesh..)

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