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Crew Rest No. 2

  • Flying Time

Time flies so fast, who would ever imagine that this will be my 3rd birthday here in Doha? I just can't believe it. For the past few days I've had the "I-wanna-resign-too" syndrome since all of my closest buddies are leaving (left) the company (ie. Bob, Imee on the 13th, Diane, and Sam probably this May) but I don't know yet. I'm very fickle minded and easily drawn to whatever's the "in" thing. I'm trying not to entertain the thought since I still have my "projects" and stuff. Hopefully when I'm 25 (next year) so I'll still be "marketable". Tough competition nowadays - has to be young and beautiful also well-equipped for the battle. move over LOSERS! make way for your princess! *evil laughter* bwahahahahaha...

  • Exorcism of Emily Rose

I hate Diane! I hate Diane! I HATE DIANE!!! for forcing me to watch that movie. I'm easily frightened that's why I never liked watching scary flicks. She talked me into watching it. Now I can't sleep (it's 0830am here OMG!), For sure I'll have nightmares again. Also, I just realized that I'll have to suffer sleeping with the lights-on on my Munich and Casablanca layover! I HATE HER!

  • How thoughtful, How Goldilocks

Yesterday, Kay, Hennessy and I went to City Center (mall) to buy stuff for my dear dear Sir Paul (Kay's hubby). Kay very much trusts my taste and so we went shopping for a pair of pants in Springfield, a black cardigan from Giordano, blue driving shoes from Adidas and a portable LG DVD player which all in all cost a whopping QR 2000 (1 Qatari Riyal is to 15 Php - do the math). Also, being the bad influence that I am to Kay, she also ended up buying this cool pair of Armani Sunglasses. She just looks fab in those (I hate her for seeing it 1st coz it looked good on me too)! What buying power we have here. Hahaha... Well anyway, those are her gifts to him for Valentine's and their upcoming anniversary on the 10th (which is also Bob's Bday fyi). It's just sooooo sweet and I'm glad that I am a part of her surprise thingy.

  • Birthday Wishlist

Dreaming ain't that bad, so here's my wishlist for my Birthday! *sings and grinds*: "yo yuri (shorty)! it's my (your) bday.. it's my (your) birthday... We're goona party like it's my (your) birthday!"

Don't kill me... love me hahaha. But a birthday card will suffice. Mail it to me - good old fashioned birthday card please. Qatar Airways, Cabin Crew Department, Pigeon Hole 280, PO BOX 22552, Doha Qatar. Well actually, haven't got any letter in my phole for 2 yrs now. It's usually love letters from the office and memos. So please have pity on the poor birthday boy. *wipes tears*.

Will be busy again. Hope to be back real soon! Thank you all in advance! mwah! mwah!

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