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What If's Activate!

Disclaimer: This blog means no offense to anyone.

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At long last I can again post. For the past weeks I have not been able to post anything that all my writing inspirations have been redirected to another means of expression... eating and sleeping right after. Good thing i have not suffered from pancreatitis during my sleep that could eventually lead to my death. This has been one of my bad habits ever since... my body would never fail me anyway so i know i can still have a complete meal and then sleep without any worries of not waking up (Thanks to my mom's midnight snacking training circa 1985-present).

Blogger sent me an email last April about my blog being a spam and me being a "bot" that I have to reply to their email in 2 weeks time. Unfortunately, they sent it to the address (flightmanual@yahoo.com) I created specially for this blog which i don't usually check. I get to read their message when it was already past the time frame they have asked me to reply. The end result, my blog almost being deleted. Good thing, my special "gut-feel" skill saved the day and this blog.

If I'm a superhero, i think this would be my super power. I always follow what my inner voice tells me.. and it's always correct especially in critical decision making or when skeptic about a situation, friend or a person (which most the time taken wrongly by the person concerned or the friend the person concerned). It tells me if I'm going to have a bad day, a bad flight or a layover. I get to prepare myself for whatever it is that might happen and accept them as they come if i cannot avert it from happening.

I wonder sometimes if this is a remnant of my "women's intuition" from my past life since I'm still in the process of perfection as i evolve in each reincarnation or perhaps an in-born asset because I'm Piscean. Maybe both that's why it's so pure that whenever something bad is going to happen, my inner voice tells me so, or if it's really worst they talk to me in my dreams in symbolic mediums (thanks to National Bookstore for all the Dream Books and since I came to Doha-Google for the concrete and well-expounded explanations). I may talk nonsense but I've proven it to myself and a few of my close friends know about this. I don't get to see things voluntarily, I'm not a crystal ball or a tarot card reader, my special skill is always about me so don't bother ask for help. It's like Spider-man and his Spider sense.

Craziness... but I believe we all have this but sometimes we try not to acknowledge the fact that we do. At the end, we often say, "I had this gut feeling already but i still went on doing it..."

Anyway, my last flight I was in the "wondering" mood. All these stuff in my head was full of idiotic ideas that if it did happen.. how will the world around me be like?
  • What if like the arabs or indians our culture dictates us to wear our national costumes everyday? Well I don't mind really if it was Barong Tagalog or Baro't Saya terno... But what if instead of those, the guys have to wear bahags everyday and the ladies the traditional Ifugao costume including the palayok.. take note 5 palayok (clay pots) of different sizes? Carry?

  • Will 1 USD equal 65Php? Will all the OFW be able to regain all the money they lost in their savings? and will the prices of things in the Philippines ever get low? What if 1 USD equals 1Php? Gosh then i don't need to work abroad!
  • What if they have not invented the internet? Will Long Distance Relationships still work? will it still be ok to be far from your loved ones? No YM, No Skype, No Chikka, No Friendster, No emails.

ILUSYONADA FACTS: Gretchen was born March 17, Yuri was born March 16. Both are the eldest among their respective siblings. Smart, Graceful, Very Elegant, Controversial, Equally talented and this year's Pantene's Most Beautiful. Yun Na! Connect di ba?
  • If I'm Gretchen Barretto, I would make an album also and dedicate all my songs, especially the carrier single a remake of Jaya's Wala na Bang Pag-ibig? REMIX (Where's the Love? not the literal translation) to my frenemy. Sing it Live everytime i promote it with matching tears and walk-out ala Shawie (Remember The Sharon Cuneta Show finale songs when she and Gabby broke up?).
  • If I'm frenemy, I will buy all the album of Gretchen Barretto with the carrier single a remake of Jaya's Wala na Bang Pag-ibig? REMIX (Is There No Love Anymore? literal translation), give it to my friends and officemates. Surprise Gretchen as a guest in her mall tours and sing the song duet! Then book an exclusive interview with YES! Magazine and earn from the royalties of the interview.
  • If I'm frenemy, I would already write to Maalala Mo Kaya? (Will You Remember?) about our story with the title "UGAT" (root).
  • If I'm Marian Rivera magtataray din talaga ako kasi may K ako. (If I'm Marian Rivera I will also do what she did coz I have the right to bitch.) click me! click me!
  • What if I was straight? Will it suit me?
  • What if I was straight? chickboy kaya ako? hehehe (will I be a philandering jerk? hehehe)
  • What if i was a lesbian? YUCK erase erase.. ERASE!!! I can't eat.... *cringes*
  • What if I pursued studying Medicine after my Pre-Med.. I'll be known as Yuri R. Marqueses MD. taray!

What if this blog was actually deleted? would anyone miss it? hehehe...

Igorot Festival Dance Pic c/o Mr. Rizaldy Comanda via Flickr Thank you!
Gretchen's Pic c/o Pantene. Thank you!


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