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123 FRESH!

Ever wonder how flight attendants maintain that impeccable grooming inflight? Here are few tips that can soon be useful to you when you travel those long haul flights or day-long joy rides to wherever this coming holiday season or when you just want to freshen up after a very stressful day at work.

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh breath after brushing your teeth. The cooling effect your toothpaste gives, beats those mint candies you always carry. I know it's not always possible yes but in cases like such, Listerine Pocketpacks is your best weapon especially in times of emergency smooching and close face to face encounters with people.

Make it also a habit that you check your hair from time to time. However you do it, make sure that your crowning glory is well tied up or neatly brushed; avoiding those hay-wire strands from distracting other peeps. If you're a guy, dampen your hair and fix it nicely if you think you're gel is wearing off.

Don't forget to moisturize! Just spray evian around your face and whoala! that's it! Here's a tip, if you don't want to spend much, buy a small bottle with an atomizer cap available in SM supermarkets and fill it up with cold mineral water. Blot those excess oils in your faces and reapply make-up. A simple blush and a lip gloss will do the trick. For guys, a lip balm will do to avoid chapping of your lips. It doesn't mean because you're a man, you're not prone to those nasty cracks. Girls hate those.

Yuri Recommends: Juicy Tubes by Lancome, Lip and Cheek by Body Shop, Body Shop Born Lippy and Neutrogena Lip Balm

It doesn't matter what you're wearing for as long as you make sure you keep it neat and tidy at all times. Tuck your shirts properly, dust your shoes off, pull your socks or stockings, refold whatever is needed (your sleeves, pants), Check your skirts etc. Always make sure that before you strut your way or whenever in view of other peeps, you physically check your self up. Spray a refreshing touch of cologne ( not perfumes! your day-long-sweat-accumulation reacts violently with perfumes; inflight - perfumes are way too much for a very dry environment) to cap it off.

Yuri Recommends: Bath and Body's Mountain Frost for Men and my special favorites Bath Body's Cucumber Melon, Green Tea & Cucumber and Sweet Pea

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