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POD No. 1 - Earth to Blogosphere

I dunno but I think John Lloyd fans in the person of Jane and Dheena came by and didn't like what I wrote (or my face at all) in my previous post. Sorry girls(boys?). In as much as you wanna puke your guts out for comparing moi to your idol, sadly, the feeling is more than mutual. With that I leave you this song, especially dedicated to both you. Since I've got no character, not much of a grammar-word-wiz / showbiz reporter look alike (hmmm... Rey Pumaloy? or Ogie Diaz? Tita Cristy? hmmm lower...), well perhaps this might help you know me better. "I did not kill anybody" (if I may borrow La Aunor's line)... but I might just... (Shucks, my "baduy" self is manifesting again... hahaha need some "pretend-to-be-rich pills"). *goes into epileptic fit*

I'm quite flattered actually, Gosh! I'm getting POP! I have detractors already. I didn't expect it coming... so overwhelming, think I should start posting more of this stuff hahahaha... Love yah! mwah!

As promised, my first podcast!
Warning: What you are about to hear is but CRAP! Never heard myself speak really and I sound horrible! So embarrassing.! Typical pinoy accent bwahahaha... Have to keep my promise so here goes nothing... (Click the Image)

This reminds me of my tatay's (dad) voice tapes way way back. My gosh I'm a true blue OFW already! It's like making one to all you that I left broken-hearted in Manila hahahahaha...For any questions (personal or whatever) you want me answer in my next podcast (hopefully), drop me a note here: yuri_marqueses@yahoo.com

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