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Before anything else can you tell me where the hell is this woman being dragged into? Who you think is pulling her to wherever ? LOVE the song, especially the video. Go check it out.

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Flight No. 069 - Madrid

Ola! Senorito y Senoritas! I've been drenched in wines and beers lately. It's party time once again. Monsoon rains may come to Manila, but here I am enjoying the summer sun of Europe. First time in the land of conquistadors, siesta, flamengo and bull fighting and just can't describe how much fun I had. Too bad, it wasn't that long but I sure did made the most out of it!

Station Info:
  • Puerta de Alcala - The monument of Plaza de la Indepencia, "The Arc de Triomphe" of Spain.
  • Bear and the Madroño Tree - The Royal symbol of Madrid
  • Real - means royal not "real" (Real Madrid = Royal Madrid; Royal Tru Orange = Real Tru Orange corny!)
  • Plaza Mayor - The central Plaza of Madrid built during the Austrian period, the venue of all royal festivities from soccer games to bull fighting. Now, a plaza where restaurants serve the best Paella!
  • Paella (frying pan) - the rice cuisine that originated from Valencia, a province in Spain, from which rice, seafood and meat are mixed harmoniously to create a very palatable dish!
  • Las Ventas Plaza De Toros - The home of bull fighting, tights and Spanish asses in Madrid. Truly, the most gruesomne yet titillating experience ever!
How to kill a Bull in 20 minutes:

Facts taken from Wikepedia (concised by) as I have no idea at all too. But after watching 6 bulls fight till the end of their lives for 2 hrs, I discovered that all is choreographed into one bloody dance number...

  1. The Matador has 6 assistants: 2 picadores (horse-riders each provided with a spear/lance), 3 banderillos and 1 mozo de espada (sword servant).
  2. Spanish bullfighting is divided into 3 stages (Tercio de Varas, Tercio de Banderillas and Tercio de Muerte) each one to commence and end at the sound of the trumpet.
  3. Tercio de Varas - "lances third", the bull's behavior is observed by he matador, afterwhich the picadores attracts the bull to the heavily armored horse to spear it. This would eventually weaken the bull due to excessive blood loss.
  4. Tercio de Banderillas - "banderillas third", 2 harpoon sticks disguised as banderillas are bravely planted by the banderillos to the raging bull. Further wounding would cause it to be really cranky like my mom in the morning, thus the famous red eyes, fuming nostrils.
  5. Tercio de Muerte -"death third" The matador re-enters the ring with the red cape (muleta) and a sword. For every graceful turn, the bull's life is at hand, waiting for the final kill. The sword thrusted from the shoulder blades perforating to its heart as they both charge head on.
  6. Though the injury is fatal, it would take time for the bull to die, this calls for A coup de grâce- the hapless animal stabbed in the spinal cord.
  7. After all the drama, the bull is dragged by gallopping horses to be cooked as tapas and the Matador claims his minute of fame.
I don't know why this is considered a sport, and where the hell do they get all the bulls? Bull-sh**! I've heard animal rights people are on the case already. Barcelona (hear-say) already put an end to this gore-y, sadistic tradition. Lucky me, I went to Madrid.

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