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Flight No. 027 - Frankfurt

Sorry guys for the late update. Been a busy week for me. Anyway, now I"m back again, alive and still kicking butts! I was called to do Casablanca which was not in my roster originally. Thankful for that since I was able to spoil myself for an entire day. Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera, No snaps for you to see - NO biggie really, just went by the pool to sun bathe, swim and had a moroccan bath. Now my skin is soft and silky again.. Love it!

Anyway, these shots were taken last month from my lay over in Frankfurt. Flew with 2 sweet pinoys from my Air Philippines days. We had a blast strolling around the city, eating ice cream and filling our tight bellies with beer! my gosh. Looking at me, I think I gained weight. tsk tsk tsk...

Station Info:
  • Eiserner Steg - the 100 year old bridge, picture not shown only the troubled water beneath it.
  • Romer - a complex where in the 1400, this was the venue of royal banquets.
  • Dom der Katholischen - The Cathedral - 10 Emperors where crowned here between 1562-1792. The name is a bit exagerrated since it houses no bishops at all.
Post Script:
Belated Father's Day to all! Happy Anniversary Duke! Special thanks also to Ghee, K, Jane, Vina and my new "kapamilya" (family) Carlotz! Love yah all! Mwah!

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