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Chapter 1. 6 Mommy Lovin'

Being away for quite a while, never thought I would miss my mom so much. I've been a mama's boy eversince to which some people think may have caused my preference. No, I don't think so! (ala Ru Paul). We're not always cool though. We sure have those days when we don't talk because of something we don't agree on.

  1. My late night phone marathon and midnight-snacking habit. You just can't imagine how big I was then.
  2. Bathing even if I'm dead tired from work which until now she constantly reminds me of.
  3. Gimik days especially when she didn't want me to go yet I would deliberatey disobey her, my younger sister being my apprentice. Covering me but still I would see my mom waiting for me by the door.

It's Mother's Day once again. The time of the year when we get to express our deepest gratitude to the most influential and most important person in our lives.

Thank you ma for everything that you've done for me. I miss my no.1 fan and my bestfriend for life. You're always there and never fails to cheer me up whenever I'm low. I love you sooo much ma and I miss you dearly. Happy Mother's Day.

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