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Flight No. 003 - Munich

  • Ex Doha

Flight was full and delayed. No thanks to upgrades from business class and some other stuff. Luckily, I have a fantastic staff to back me up with my galley (aircraft's kitchen) and the cabin. Was flying with this Iranian girl Sarah and my wonderful Filipina CSD (purser) Johanna. Also, I had a understanding Captain from Algiers and a very warm Pakistani First Officer. European sector passengers aren't that difficult to handle which made the flight easy since I am to do a Full Lunch Dinner Service - Hors d'oeuvres with Caviar, Salad, Main Meal, Cheese and Fruits, Desserts, Hot Beverages and Refreshments just before landing!. Whew! thought it was not going to end. What can I do? My company does look after our passengers needs and we do feed them well. That's 5 star service for you. The flight was 6 hours 10 minutes, just didn't notice it as it did fly by...

  • Immaculate white

After the job's been done, I went to the hotel and slept. The next day, I was rewarded by the good Lord a beautiful white morning for my hardwork. It was my first snow... my jaw just dropped when I opened my window blinds. Time to experience it now so I went to the city and had a fantastic time.

  • Oink Oink

Well, your not in Germany til you hava a taste of their pork. It's just so lovely. I mean, it has no smell, so clean and the flavor is just there. I didn't even believe they have a version of our famous "chicharon". To top it up, Johanna bought me "Crispy Pata" along with "Sarsa ni Mang Tomas" and a plateful of rice. yum! yum! Truly this trip is one of my best. Hope next time I get to go here on October. I heard Oktoberfest is just soooo wild I already have things playing on my mind on what to expect plus beer would be over flowing. Pork and beer? whatta combination!

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