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Crew Rest No. 4

  • The Heat is on... me

How'd you like the new hair-do? This is what life is all about. a good haircut, pushed cuticles, relaxed muscles, spa, etc etc. I can live just doing this everyday.

  • Manila Hang-over

Just been in Manila for 3 days afterwhich I went to the land of Cherry blossoms with no charger for my laptop, no camera, no nothing. My head was just drifting away. Been crying myself out, wishing to be back home and stay there longer. I didn't get to spend much time with my family and my one and only honey pie (ewww). Now I remember why I hated going home:

  1. I feel more depressed than ever.
  2. I hated counting the remaining days left, it's like I'm on cue for death penalty.
  3. I gain a minimum of 10 lbs (abt 5 kgs) from eating too much pork *oink* *oink* and my skin breaks out
  4. The fact that I overspend period.
  5. I get stripped of my earthly possessions from the time I open my suitcase. *kidding*
  6. Jetlag since Doha is 5 hours early.
  7. Ever irritating immigration officers who looks at you as if money is written all over your face.
  8. SM foreign exchange cashiers who often makes me feel all my hard earned bucks are phoney or worse stolen since I don't go to their mall all made up that I should just scram or else be fed to their rival's rumoured SNAKE son by the fitting room.
  9. Makati traffic for ever confusing the hell outta me. I don't know where to turn, if it's one way Argggg...

But because of all these that's why I keep coming back. Not to mention the solace I feel whenever I'm home. I don't feel all alone and different. I'm just the plain old me.

  • Birthday Post Script

Only one photo was taken thanks to Diane. Afterwhich we shared on the chocolate cake she bought for me while gossiping about our friend (one of our closest actually) who just got terminated on my birthday (no need to expound ya?). Also, Imee left just that afternoon permanently as well for Manila following her long overdue resignation. Finally, Imee, your a mother and a wife again to dear dear Barley. Wish you both the best. love yah!

I was just so tired that I didn't even make it to my flat before my bday ends. No thanks to our pax who happened to have an anxiety/heart attack[?] during the last leg back to Doha. We had to wait for an hour as peeps we're trying to figure out how to carefully remove him from the aircraft to the hospital (ambulance) as he lies unconsciously by the cabin. Just my luck. I never thought how efficient QR medical team was until I saw them in action. Keep it up! But sincerely, I do hope he's ok. He's forgiven after all that he's done. For threatening us and almost smashing our faces just before take off ( I think he's mentally unstable too). Whatta day!

  • Revenge of the Maid from Hell

After trashing her dream wedding, the Evil maid strikes again and this time she's ever so unmerciful... Watch the video and you'll now for yourself. Drop me a msg and I'll email u the link. The video contains photos not suitable for all audiences. Guidance is very much advised. You might need an oxygen bottle handy just in case of a heart attack. Remember... you've been warned. I swear this is not the end of it.

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