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Flight No. 0830 - Maldives, Male

  • Pull Out

Was called by the Rostering to do a long Maldives flight. I was just jumping out of my seat. All of a sudden at 1230 am, I was packing my swimming stuff. Have to look fabulous and get the tan I'm so longing for. The self-tanning lotion I was using didn't do me much justice since it only colors my body. Imagine me tan and brown all over with my face still friggin fair. It just doesn't go together. It's like my head belongs someplace else. hahahahaha...

The Briefing was nice and the crew were very promising and indeed they were. I'm so looking forward to this trip. Imagine me like little kid constantly and annoyingly nagging his parents. That's how excited I was.

  • The Cast

Fabuloush Princess - Me of course (Ms. Philippines), Fabuloush Queen alil bit down by one notch - Vhon (Ms. Philippines No.2), Queen Bee - Nat (Thai CSD), Angelina Jolie aka Confidence - Shafnaz (Maldivian), Lover Boy - Syed (Singaporean) Crazy Korean Girl aka Korean no English name...yet - Eun Ha, Pretty Kamelia from Bulgaria and Banana Boat Girl - Lydia (from India) Captain Reeta from Ethiopia and F/O Azis from Qatar.

  • La Isla Bonita

We went for a boat ride for approximately 20 minutes to the island from the hotel. Upon reaching the resort, I drenched my skin with Sun-tanning lotion to which in my dismay was not that effective. Anyways, the sun was very inviting that we immediately went for a game of volleyball. My arms were all bruised but I still got the moves. Went for a quick lunch after with 50 USD worth of sandwiches. 1 Dollar for a half slice, so think about us sharing 25 half slices of tuna and cheese and tomato. That was too much!!! Well anyway, we didn't pay for it since the F/O volunteered on paying the bill. Good thing I got myself a Singapore Sling to go with that! *wink*

Riding the banana boat was fun since it was my first time. We toppled over thrice and I LOVED it! Floating just in the middle of nowhere with all of you banging at each other with matching salt water going through your nostrils. Not to mention Lydia screaming to death out of fright. She was quoted saying: "Stop!!! I Wanna go back NOW.. half of my heart has left me and now half of my lungs is gone. wanna show it to you?" WTF? I thought of trying the kite ride but I got scared when the operator told me it's kinda of dangerous... I'm not really THAT adventurous so I passed. Smacking my face in the water for 100miles/hr from the banana boat is thrilling enough for one day. Here are the pictures. Some of which are too sexy that it may sore your eyes so beware.

  • Manila, Manila, I Keep Coming Back to Manila

As I'm writing this post, I'm kind of in a panic state since I haven't prepared for my flight tonight to Manila. Vacation after another? Lucky me? Nope, I'm just pretty. The scent of grilled pork chops is calling me... ohhhhh... pork.... ohhhhh pork... Jollibee is waiting for me... ohhhhh... not to mention isaw and beer *drooling* I miss Manila to think I was just there 2 months ago. There aint no place like home. Kaching! Kaching! for me, gonna have to watch my diet and my pocket. Honey I'm gonna be home soon!

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