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Chapter 1.4 Love Apologetic

When is the best time to say sorry?
Does it matter whose fault was it?
Do you have to stoop down that level and swallow your pride?

Sometimes we do things that are beyond our control. Emotions over take us and yet some people are so naive of the situation. You try hard to keep it to yourself. Your meek heart seeks the beauty within. But at times, in as much as you wanna hold on, these very nature of yours push you to your limits and then suddenly you find yourself in the brink of losing it. Are you to blame for that? Culpable for everything that will happen?

What is the best way to say sorry?
Does it really matter who goes first?

You can be guilty of feeling resentment. Pleading for a chance to speak your mind and express your thoughts like everybody else does. But why do you suffer? Empathy is a curse for those who are bothered yet still considers the welfare of the other. We try hard not to inflict pain but because of which you even worsen the situation. You're hurting and you just wanna let it out. But because of which you'll just find yourself in an even bigger mess, who people think you caused. You kept your silenced. You've been in between. You understand everything. You tried to be patient. You did you're part. But still all chiding eyes are on you. Who now is the victim?

Does apologizing relieves you from guilt?

Do you forgive and never forget?

Is it imperative for you reciprocate the thought even if you're still hurting?

In my most pensive mood I try to reflect on what may have gone wrong. Always I believe that such are blessings. This is the turning point of a matured relationship. It may differ to whom is concerned and how deep the wound is. The importance of recognizing your fault is the key to total forgiveness. Whatever it was, Whoever that is. Acknowledge that both are concerned... Both are victims.

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