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Passenger Complain No. 1 - Spanking

  • Smacked by bitches

I've not been updating for a long time and got the surprise of my life when Chas told me that my blog was smacked in italk2much. I don't even how it happened but it just did (swear!). Well anyway, after reading what they thought of my blog (her thoughts actually) I felt kinda relieved and happy. I've been a fan of their site since the Empress introduced me to Bryanboy (long Google story) and good heavens at least they didn't wanna kick me out with those army boots nor did they "depleted the sea" with rotting, stinking fishes. I did get a zero *chuckles*. Good start for a novice. Still needs some fine tuning I suppose (nah...). I love my blog as it is. They should've seen my Friendster blog, it's far worse template-wise.

  • Zero and Loving it!

Let's go through her bitching - The whole crap thing, I'm guilty I know. Like the clock on the side to which is very much useful to me since I do get my time from my blog really. Also, for my visitors to know what time is it now where am at. My family usually are the ones who benefit from my blog since I did this for them. To be in sync with me though I'm miles away. Not unless you wanna add / subtract the UTC time difference just for you to know your local time.. now that's crappy and would actually mess your head up trust me *wink*

I can't stop laughing about the All-yours.net thingie with my "twenteen" blinky, I think she's so distracted by the clock that she forgot to play the Flash player. It was an e-bday card that's just so timely which suggests what kind of birthday I'll be having. Just so people know and my apologies, I still refer to my age as "Tweenteen-four". Still as dynamic, energetic, FRESH and HORNY as any other peeps way past puberty.

The Merciless Minx actually thought I'm a she... OMG that's just so flattering... I mean OMG! OMG! OMG! Well for all you readers out there. I'm not not a "she" but I do pretend at times, most of the time actually. Not a screaming fag but a princess wannabe. An asian twink hoping that Charred should've been the one who took notice of my blog. No matter how gruesome his review will be, no matter how much boots he would wanna kick my nuts till it go all swollen with pus and a sight of an impending edema or no matter how much fish he's willing to slap me left and right, I would STILL wanna submit myself to him fully for sexual favors with a little spanking on the side please. He's just so cute. *blushes*

  • Points to Consider

It's always nice to hear bad things about you. I really appreciate that. Damn no one's perfect. And the best person to ask that is not your family, your friend, your best friend or your very best friend. They'll just sugar-coat it and still leave you clueless. Ask a stranger or your worst enemy and you'll definitely have it and more. There's always room for improvement right?

  1. YES, I will put more post in a page. Like a month of, so scanning won't still be as eye straining.
  2. YES, I will try to be religious with my New Year Resolutions so I will not bother making up Birthday Resolutions when I don't get to do them (damn! no way out now, no more leeway for at least 2 more months bwahahaha!)
  3. YES, I will embarass myself once again if I need some more.
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