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Crew Rest No.3

  • Happy Birthday Sir, Fly Double Dubai

It sucks to work on your birthday. What to do? Well anyway, I've worked during special holidays too but this is different. I just have this idea of doing nothing on your one special day in a year. Tsk Tsk Tsk... *scratches head* I'll be flying the whole time and be back for sure past 12 midnight. Hahaha... and still won't be able to waste myself up since I've got a standby duty the following day. Hahahahaha... Hahahahaha I'll just laugh it up. Bwahahahahaha...

  • A Year Older, A Year Wiser?

I don't usually act my age. People see me to be very prim and proper but actually what they don't know is that behind close doors, I make a fool of myself. Dancing like an idiot, trying to act out my favorite scene or singing Mariah tunes to the top my lungs. Shocked? me too... I don't know why I do that.

Never that wise but i value the lessons I learned from my past mistakes. I do know not to commit them again (sometimes) hehehehe. But here I am surviving still with my few sheckles of wisdom learned after sucking for 23 years and now I'm slowly realizing that I'll be a year older again...

A year older? gosh! It was just like yesterday when I was seventeen, still fresh and uncorrupted. Hahaha *wink* *wink*

  • Birthday Resolutions

This year, I swear not to end up stitching holes, crocheting patterns and knitting jackets for my grandchildren (from my siblings ahem...) *clears throat*. I promise to save more and shop less. I would also try to be nicer to people and be more patient (uh oh!). I'll make an effort to really quit smoking (applause applause) one day at a time... one day at a time... *takes a deep breath*

  • 24 Going on 30

I'm not even 30 yet but it feels like I am. So pressured to accomplish a lot of things yet time wouldn't back me up. I'm getting old very fast and I've not done much. My fresh years is just passing me by quickly, i might not notice it, tomorrow I'll be all pruny and stuff and still breaking my back to earn money. Nightmare!!! Totally!!! erase, erase, ERASE!!! So little time so much to do. Still the same old birthday wish, A better life for me to live, and a whole lot of money to spend when I'm about to die.

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