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Crew Rest No. 5

  • Face off

The Evil Maid posing in her beautifully sequined Thai costume challenges The so-called Leopard/Leotard Girl her hair humbly wrapped neatly [?] in a towel. Before Diane finally leaves the country, she challenges mwah for a duel. But it's not a secret who will reign supreme. *wink*

Ahhh... I'll miss doing this. I'll miss making fun of her... Laughing together and enjoying each other's corny jokes. I'll miss Diane... I'll miss my partner in crime... I'll miss my best friend. It's time to let you go now. Fly Away girl.. Fly Away... *wipes tears* *blows nose loudly*

  • L.O.V.E

Can you keep a secret?

Promise not to tell?


Message me and you'll know what.

But you have to promise to keep it between us.

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