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The people have spoken...

"I Totally Lost it!
- Krisya Bolinas, Bicol

"Nagulat ako, Di ako Makapaniwala"
("I'm shocked, can't believe it)
- Harrold, Filinvest, QC

- Paul Venturanza, Doha

-Kayvee Kayvee, Doha

"Bravo! Bravo! Wala Akong Masabi!"
(I'm Speechless)
-Jesa On, Doha

"Repeat! Repeat!!!"
- Carlo Nepomuceno, Paranaque

"You never cease to amaze me, You're totally crazy!"
-CPN Jr, Paranaque

"Can you send me a copy? I can't stop laughing!!!"
-Skyla, West London

Wanna know what the craze is all about? check out my latest blog entry (or click the image above) and see for yourself. The unfolding of my much awaited career. The Spotlight finally shines upon me. Welcome the new Mega star for all seasons!

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Crew Rest No. 6
Baduy (adj). filipino slang - old-fashioned, obsolete, lacking in great sense of fashion or being "in" in terms of pop culture
  • Evil Step Mom

I've got something inside that I just can't hide anymore. Well as you know, my honey and I got back together from my last leave and along with that came his love child from his former beau who was after / before me. I just LOATHE it. It's their dog Hopia (named after the kid who portrayed Kris's character from her soap "Hiram" - "Borrowed"). I was never made to be a "madrasta" (Step Mom) and I can never be Julia Robert's character too though I'm trying. Would you even believe that Bitch (refering to the dog's mom though the term fits him literally too) asked me thru text to take good care of Hopia now that we're back together cause it's likely that he won't see him/it ever again. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA...

What he doesn't know is that I was thinking of putting it for adoption but I just can't coz my honey's family adores this monster. I was feeling hopeless already luckily I thought of back-up plan. I'll bribe a "tambay" (bum / haggard) to kidnap Hopia and sell it to the alcoholics to cook it and later be their posh "pulutan" (translation please K). To be more cruel, I'll kill it myself!!! I never liked dogs anyway especially this one. So just pray for my soul for I won't be kind. REALLY! Call me names, tell me I shouldn't be insecure. Tell you, I AM NOT. I just don't like it. Makes me sick to the bones!

  • Pussy Meow

After Reading K's post on Ginger (his Cat). I just remembered why I'm a fish person. They don't bite nor scratch your furnitures nor just shit and pee anywhere. Just let them be and they'll live provided you clean their tank once in a while.

Also, I've got a little hang over of his meme. I've got to make one. Now, since I've been out of Manila for a long time, I realized that the saying is true - You get to be "baduy" (again K translation pls) and not realize it. Now, my current Baduy addiction. Here's the list but before that watch this: (Highly Recommended)

  1. Watching Pinoy soaps thanks to TFC and You Tube. Bituing Walang Ningning is coming up very soon. Just so excited.)
  2. Loving Aegis to the core.
  3. Collecting chismis mags from Manila.
  4. Dancing to the tune of "Ang Ganda Ko" ( Pretty Me) by Sandara Park
  5. True Fan of Claudine and Sharon

I know by this time you hate me already. Hahahahaha... I don't even believe it myself. Well now, don't be shy come on and open up.

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