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Crew Rest No. 8 - I'm a Barbie Girl

When you're bored to the bones, it's but human nature to find ways to entertain yourself. This boredom resulted to my friend's collection of Barbie dolls.

He would then put them into competing against each other for beauty queen titles - Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. Mind you it's not like Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) to which at the end you get to crown the three winners. In this case, we have to do the 3 pageants separately for his 60 dolls complete with their extravagant gowns (to which either he made it himself or bought for a whopping 15K) and swimsuits (take note!). Not to mention the special awards for Best in Hair (imagine them being permed, curled, dyed etc... the effort!), Best in Long Gown and Best in Swimsuit. If only those dolls could talk, they might have undergone the Answer and question portion too...

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To be honest, it was my frustration to play Barbie dolls out in the open when I was a kid. I can still remember, my dad would ask me to spar with him - We'll do boxing till I'm dead tired. I wanna puke my guts out in disgust! If not, We'll jog along Philcite passing basketballs. What he doesn't know is that, after doing all those stuff, I would lock myself in my room together with my sister's doll and doll house, having tea party after a wearing myself with all the boy stuff my dad forced me to do. Those were the days...

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