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Crew Rest No. 10 - Growing Up Sentai

Little did my parents' know that whenever I watch these Japanese masked heroes every Saturday night on IBC-13, I don't really fancy the fight scenes, nor the robots nor the high-tech weaponry. I was gaga over the leading men and of course the heroines. I can still remember my friends and I playing "pretend". I would always get fumingly mad to whoever is playing Pink 5 or Pink Mask. I would nag and correct her to death. She would then call me names because I do it with more grace than her. Eventually she'll end up lying on the floor after I killed her with my "laser magnum" (not to mention me sticking a bubblegum on her pretty hair while I diabolically laugh inside.) This is the dawn of sentai, the rise of live action robots of Bioman and Maskman and the Metal Soldier, Shaider. These are among the greatest influences during my childhood years, apart from Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony.

Remember Peebo? The robo resembling R2D2. He is by far the "gayest" robot I've ever met.

Who can ever forget Okelampa? The insectoid whose power is to resurrect beaten monsters into gigantic maniacs. Why didn't they ever thought of killing him instead? Makes life easier huh?

Who would ever forget the "Shigi-Shigi" song of Iga whenever she has to summon Fuuma Le-ar? The ever skimpy skirt of Annie? The Time Space Warp?

Unlike its western counterparts (ie Power Rangers), though they all have the elements of foot soldiers, skank army and episodal monsters, these sentais do actually have a plot which makes them more fun to watch. You're glued as to what's gonna happen next, much like that of a soap opera. Maskman for example revolves around the love story of the ice imprisoned Princess Mio and Takeru (Red Mask). I ditched all my fairy tale books because of this.

Now, If you're a true-blue sentai baby, I bet you can sing this...

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