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Crew Rest No. 9 - And The Winner Is...

The results are finally in for 2006's Best Airline and Best Cabin Staff in the recently concluded World Airline Awards. Skytrax being the recognized research company for commercial airlines surveyed travellers worldwide as to find out who amongst them has the highest rating in terms of staff, facilities and services offered.

Taking the lead on this year's race to the top is UK's pride British Airways taking off from it's 5th place last year. Qantas followed-in cruising still at 2nd while Cathay Pacific landed at 3rd.

Thai Airways bagged the most coveted Best Cabin Staff for 2006 after placing 2nd to Asiana Airlines last year. Two-time winner Malaysian Airlines stays at the no. 3 spot while All Nippon Airways blasted off at 4th place edging Singapore Airlines down to no. 5. As forcasted, Qatar Airways continues to move up on both categories, sky rocketing from its previous standing- proving once again to be the most promising airline to watch out for in the coming years.

On a personal note: Cheers to all my colleagues! Job well done. All our hardwork and perseverance bore its fruits. We truly are now recognized not only as an award winnig Five Star Airline but also a growing threat to all our competitors. Keep it up!

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