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Chapter 2.1 - If It Fits

Writer's Note:"In this chapter, I forgot to introduce that this section will exploit the superficial notion of being a crew. But to tell you, we're more than that and it will be discussed shortly following my other boring posts."

"You should fit the clothes, not otherwise."

This adage is true, especially if you're applying or working as a flight attendant. Well for one, you wouldn't want to embarass yourself with those "Granny-why-the-hell-are-you-STILL-here?" or "Lifesaver-on-the-loose" look whenever you pass by the cabin and then suddenly you find yourself stuck in between those armrest in the aisle. Every flight is a show. As the "cabin curtain" opens, be ready for a whole lot of acting, projecting and a few friendly poses, well for some low-cost airline, singing as well. I often feel insulted myself, when I go to a store and I don't find my usual size to fit me. Argggh! Time to diet and sweat off my excess load. And a-one and a-two.

People stereotyped flight attendants as supermodels inflight (ahem). That perhaps is the reason why we look after our physical appearance 24/7. This applies also to those aspiring to be one. The only difference is that we don't go as far as being anorexic as we still have other duties to fulfill rather than showing off our perfect physique. Asians are amongst the best crew in the business since our body build points towards the skinny type and to tell you, I just love seeing Singapore Airlines Crew strut their way.

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But Wait! No reason for all us to panic... If you want to, the only key to it is to keep your

weight proportionate to your height and a dash of will power. No need for muscled arms and chistled abs. A little bit of dieting and some exercise will do the trick. If don't have control over your eating habits try to reset it for three weeks until your body gets the hang of it. Like me for example, I try to lessen my carbo intake and whenever I feel hungry, I load myself with fibers like oatmeal cooked with water and a spoonful of sugar. Exercise also plays a big part, nothing strenuous, just wanna get rid of those sogging skin. Make it fun! Increase metabolism by doing something that you actually enjoy (In my case, sexy dancing). Remember, your weight is always reduced by 2 lbs (0.907kgs). If you still feel you can't do it,don't feel bad. There are a hell lotta other careers to choose from.

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