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Passenger Complain No. 4 - Song of Death

Although I Love this song by Queen, I've got to warn you. YOU ARE AT RISK! I've known people who tried to belt out Bohemian Rhapsody and they ended up tragically. They died of perforated lungs, heart attack or angina. Some just started to collapse, shaking uncontrollably as their mouths froth. Others immediately went to into shock upon reaching the chorus. Those who survived were either comatose or had totaly lost their memory. There were also reports of mass suicides after the embarassment they've undergone. Unluckily, people who tried their best, was at the mercy of their audience who after a maddening song number, mobbed the helpless singer leaving him/her lifeless with no less than 50 stab wounds. Those who joke about it are forever cursed with hernia. So next time, be very very careful. Don't be lured by the flamboyant costumes, lack-"luster"-no wash-unpermed-not even-rebonded-hairdo and effortless singing by Freddie Mercury. You know better. Please pass this message to those that you love ever so dearly.

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