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Crew Rest No. 11 - Happy Bday Sir Paul!

In lieu of Sir Paul's Birthday, Kay and I once again braved the kitchen and synergized our powers in the wee hours of the morning to yet again conquer another baking challenge. Yes, for those of you who don't know... I cook! From simple everyday meals to extravagant dishes that even that fact amazes me. That I owe to my mom who is always a text away if I need some assistance.

Now, may I proudly present to you, our greatest creation so far:

Last year, we made a delightful chocolate cake for the same occassion. My first and Kay's as well. Prior to that, we did a trial run by doing a simple egg pie. It was a success yet there was no evidence of the hardwork done. People doubted us as if they haven't seen us do magic by creating sumptuous desserts (Kay's specialty) and effortless Kare-Kare (Oxtail stew), Morcon (Beef flanks rolled with veggies, cheese and bacon topped with sauteed tomato sauce) and Chicken Galantina (Smoked meat wrapped in chicken skin and stuffed with eggs, raisins, pickels and cheese). I believe, it is but proper to give us credit.

All in the name of love. Being the second wife (now, just got promoted), it is but my duty to support the legal wife. I will work my way up dont cha worry. Just a matter of performance. If not, there's always something called asphyxiation. Love u Kay!

Happy Birthday Sir Paul. Thanks for looking after mem for understanding us ( me, Diane and especially K) and doing all the "difficult" chores in the flat. Love you! mwah!

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