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Passenger Complain No. 8 - Is It Any Wonder?

...And I thought no one would ever notice but since Din-Din told me about this in my previous entry, If I may ask.. "Do I really look like John Lloyd Cruz???"

This is just too much. He is taking my "superficial" identity. Don't get me wrong, I am very much flattered by this so-called "compliment". But next time, please do say
HE looks like me not me resembling him. I have to be the standard (thank you Din-Din, I appreciate you telling your friend I'm waaaaaaaaaay better), the one to which all comparison is based on. *hyperventillating*

Remember guys, I am no second-rate, trying hard, copycat! No one is actually. Why am I dwelling over this shallowness? Nothing else to write about so i settled for this silliness It's like asking, would I rather be compared to John Llloyd or Bea Alonzo? My gosh... Well at least it's better than Diane calling me Chokoleit. That girl.... I miss you!

First podcast is coming SOON! Finally you'll get to hear the voice behind the smiles. Hahahaha

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