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Frankfurt Oktoberfest Paparazzi Shot

My last Frankfurt flight, I went out partying since it was the start of their famous Oktoberfest. It was a bit rainy yet we still braved the night looking for that ODEON club to which these German peeps are talking about. After a train ride and a few turns from the station we finally found it. Not much pics to share but this one which I got from Partyshooters.DE I was not disappointed at all. For 3 euros the beer was already over-flowing! Music was good since it was Black Music night, so we got our asses bumping and grinding all night long with our fave tunes from Beyonce to Usher. We were all wasted partying for almost 5 hours. I thought I was up to Grinding 24 hrs but no, my body gave up even after that Vodka Red Bull. Well actually what made it more memorable is when the DJ played "Bebot" (tagalog slang for sexy chicks!). All those Germans just started jumping and singing "Pilipino! Pilipino! Pilipino!" A bit odd yes but the feeling is soo much i can't even describe how proud I am to be one.

Dance Break: Enjoy!

My current fave "Borderline" from Michael Gray feat. Shelly Poole

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