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Crew Rest No. 13 - Let's Play!
  • ABC- TV!
Let's wind up the clock and be kids once again. Blogfriends let's play a game. Being the couch potato that I am (well I watch pretty less TV now compared to before), I challenge you to name TV programs (foreign or local) from A to Z. Ready? Go!

  • Where's Yuri?
Remember how we use to spend our recess and period breaks by playing SOS and tic-tac-toe? Does Spin-a-Wheel ring a bell to anyone? Well if not, I've got this to refresh your memory. It's like playing Wheel of Fortune actually.

Question: For my next entry, Which of the 7 wonders of the World have I been to recently?

Clue: If you're misbehaving, Your mom will go yelling: "If you see this guy, you'd start to cry..why? You'll be put in a sack, and forever your friends wont see you back. On his motor you'll be, taken away from me. I swear by his turban, you'll be eaten till your dead gone."

_ _ _
_ _ _ _ _

hmmm is there a letter A?

  • Catfight
Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy is such an evil thing Paris so... BURN baby BURN! Ever wondered how it would be if Paris challenges Nicole to a death match? Well here's your answer to that question.

  • In Reply to Tin-Tin's Meme:
Got tagged by Tin-Tin... thanks girl! thanks for the nice things you said. I'm just just flattered. hehehe...

RANDOM: the first time i saw your pic in my comment box, i found you cute. aminan na! hahaha. at first i thought you look like john lloyd, but yuri, you look way better than him :)

I know... hahaha.. *turns and flips his long silky hair*

CHALLENGE: a background song on your blog but you should be the one singing

Wait for my next podcast Tin! hehehe but I'll only sing a part ok? Would that be fine?

COLOR: of course pink!

Ala Kris Aquino.. CORRECT!!!

SOMETHING I LIKE: your witty yet serious comments and posts

Hmmm... I was trying to be sarcastic but it just shows that I'm a very nice, sweet boy from Pasay. Innocent and still a virgin (in my skin pores) hahahaha....

FIRST & CLEAREST MEMORY OF YOU: first is your picture on my comment box. sabi sayo, crush kita agad. hahaha. but the clearest is your post on toilet 101. because i just realized then that it's also part of your service

We do, so if anyone here is on my flight, make sure you keep it clean or else... 10000 Sarah Balabagan lashes!

ANIMAL: a colorful fab butterfly. i can't believe you're still a caterpillar

Still in the process girl thanks! I always wanted to be on that realty show THE SWAN. Free make over dear!

QUESTION: how's your lovelife? hehehe. i don't have any idea about it.

Single, Looking for "willing" candidates. Shirt not a Requirement. You know my email. drop your CV okie? (I'm such a whore these days)

SONG: Home by Michael Buble, coz i think it pretty much describes you

This place, though the weather is exciting my sweat glands now, has grown in me. I've actually learned to love living here but as the saying goes "There's no place like home with pork on the dinner table."

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