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Crew Rest No. 12 - Happy Birthday Di!

For those who have been reading my blog from the very beginning, you may have met my bestfriend Diane in some of my posts...trashing her like ever. She already left Doha last April and eversince things were never the same. I've got no one else to share my most intimate moments and silly laughters with. Grocery shopping isn't the same as well. But truly, I'm happy for her. She is now in peace and does the things she's been longing to do. For now the sparrow may have clipped her wings but soon you'll see her flying once again. Miss you Di! Hope to see again soon! Happy Birthday. Love yah!

Before Diane left, she surprised us with this video. When I saw this, I just started crying. That was the time I realized her resignation was for real (Actually I co-wrote her resignation letter while watching Brokeback Mountain). Well... also... because I was too exposed (almost like being barenaked). Funky hair, bad hair day, eyebags, big boobs, short shorts and an Xrated pic that can be mistaken for an FHM pin up ( I've actually edited this part. hahahaha... sorry.)

Okie. okie let's play a game. Watch the vid and answer this question. "What is my favorite color?" Ready?

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