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Lookie Lookie Who's Back

My sincerest apology to all for my nearly 2 months of absence. I made a promise that unfortunately was not able to keep. I did miss blogging for sure and the few friends I made since I started last year. To all those who left me a message here, in my ym and even emailed me, thank you. I've been really really busy that imagine I don't even have time to reply to my emails. You may not feel my presence here nor in your blogs as I did before but one thing's for sure... I'm always with all of you... naks.

She Works Hard for the Money

Surprisingly last April, I got another love letter from my office. After almost a year of being a First Class crew, I am now a Cabin Senior - fully in charge of the Economy Cabin, assistant to the purser and a purser itself in small aircrafts.

I just finished my 3 week long training last August and all my observation flights last September. It's been really hectic eversince. I'm really thankful for yet another blessing and again I'm out there to prove myself worthy. It's a new ball game now. I'm terribly scared to be honest from my first solo flight until now. It's quite a challenge yes, but hey, this is how people grow.

The pressure is too much now both physically up there (just imagine your sweat as you feel it lining your back smoothly) and emotionally from my handling my passengers and crew. Also, the thing is I don't look like one. My airline boasts of not just the youngest fleet but also the youngest crew and most good-looking crew in the business (ahem!). My last flight to Berlin flying A320, one of my pax in Business Class asked me that he wants to commend me to my purser. He was quite surprised when I told him I ws the one in charged of the flight. I went back to the galley and tilted my head, pouted my lips, demurely flipped my hair and just smiled (Haba ng Hair Ko Syeet).

Sibling Bling

Flying from Manila where she waited almost 2 weeks before she was finally able to get on the flight to Doha, sisterette now is here with me in Doha. I never thought that having a member of your family here would at least lessen that feeling of homesickness. It felt like I'm me again especially when I get to pick on her at times. Of course I'm her achi so she can't retaliate.. well actually I think she missed seeing me going nuts and crazy the way I really am around the peeps who knows the real me.

Now I've got my TFC (The Filipino Chanel) watching buddy in Doha ever fixated on watching all those pinoy drama and reality shows like Pinoy Dream Academy to which is my current fave. I just do wish she'll get to stay longer and be able to land a decent job here like mois. But for now,the only thing that matters is Chise's here to keep me company before I leave for Manila again this December and to discipline her by controlling her eating habits. hahahahaha...

Love to Love you Baby!

I won't give away too much. I think I've got this jinx bug whenever I make an announcement regarding my love life. Let the ring speak for itself - the REAL reason why I'm not hooked to my trusty laptop these days, I'm "hooked" to someone else. DND at the moment non-stop. *wink* Also have to brush up to my English vocabulary, I'm near to having an epileptic fit.

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